Rio Bonito

The Rio Bonito is situated just above Lake Bonito and is divided into two forks, the South Fork and the main Rio Bonito. The Rio Bonito can offer some decent opportunities for smaller trouts, especially when the NMGF stocks. Nonetheless, with variations in climate and rain patterns, fishing may never return to what it once was in the early 1900s. In 2012, the Little Bear Fire took out just about everything in this area, including Bonito Lake and its tributaries. But nature is healing and there are some good opportunities and reasons to get outside.

The South Fork can be found by locating the South Fork Campground on the western side of Lake Bonito. There is a trail that’s about five miles long that follows the smaller stream.

The “north fork” or the main Bonito goes the other direction from the South Fork. On this stretch the Rio Bonito has a few miles of fishable water. This creek is also small and require a delicate touch. The trout are small and require smaller flies, but they appreciate caddis type patterns.

NMGF Stocking information and lookup can be found here.

Stream Facts

Season: Year Round

Trout: Mostly stocked rainbows, possibly some brookies

Campgrounds: South Fork Campground, Upper Bonito Dispersed Camping

Guides: see the guides page


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