Pecos River

The Upper Pecos River is one of the most favorited fly fishing rivers in New Mexico, probably due to its proximity to people, breadth of fishing, and nearly year round availability. There are several well developed camps throughout the Pecos River Valley.

There are mostly rainbows and browns in and around the Pecos River. Contained within Jack’s Creek, a tributary to the Pecos, there are a few cutthroats the farther up you go. There are few other rivers in New Mexico that are as close and enjoyable as the Pecos.

Getting to the Pecos is pretty easy – take the Glorietta exit from I-25. Approximate drive time from Albuquerque is about 1.5 hours to 2 hours if you go all the way up to Jack’s Creek campground past Cowle’s (map below). The campgrounds and the valley can be quite crowded during the summer summer, though the farther up to you go, the fewer people there are.

Stream Facts

Season: Early April through late November, depending on rain and runoff. Runoff peaks from early May to early June.

Trout: Wild browns and stocked rainbows, with cutthroats and possibly some brookies in the smaller tributaries


  • Caddis: April – September
  • Green Drake: June – August
  • Red Quill, Ginger, Blue, and Mahogany Duns: May – September
  • Baetis: April – May; September – November
  • Salmonfly, Golden Stonefly: May – October
  • Terrestrials: May – October

Campgrounds: Jack’s Creek, Windsor Creek, Davis Willow, Cowles, Holy Ghost, Iron Gate, Panchuela

Guides: see the guides page

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