Waters of New Mexico

Some may think that New Mexico is not known for its fly fishing. But those who’ve fished here know the waters of New Mexico are nothing short of spectacular. Whether it is in the North or the South, the West or the East, one can find a little stream to drop a line and see what bites. The fish of New Mexico might not be the biggest, the rivers and streams might not be the fastest, but there is something special about New Mexico’s waters that even a novice angler would understand.

The intention of this website is to document the waters of New Mexico in a different way. There are a lot of resources out there – many books and very experienced irreplaceable guides – and this website is not meant to replace that. Instead, we intend to democratize the information and to make it accessible for the general public. If we are honest with ourselves, fly fishing has always been considered a sport of the rich guy. We want to change that.

NMFF wants to show that fly fishing is for everyone. That is why we are asking those who want to spread their knowledge to contact us below.

Waters of New Mexico: